Monday, October 11, 2010

Castle Manor, Moncton



Downes said...

Castle manor is really hard to photograph because the dark stone does not blend well with most backgrounds, and a lot of it is in the shade. I've tried on numerous occasions to get a good shot, as it's just a couple blocks from where I live.

This looks like a pretty good morning shot, with a lot of direct illumination on the stone. But it looks like you've still had to tweak it to pull out the darker parts (or to darken the sky); it has that cartoonish look.

Anyhow, I'm continuing to enjoy your photos. I really ought to set up a separate daily photo blog of my own - I was doing daily photos in Flickr but they get lost in the deluge. Thanks for sharing; I'm learning a lot watching your work.

Brian Branch said...

Yes I played with the colours to make them stand out a little more. On my end, this is one of my favorites Daily Blogs, out of Toronto: