Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The twin oaks / Les chênes jumeaux

Earlier today at the corner of Archibald & St-George Street in Moncton. We could hear the work at the office throughout the day. This older building is making way to this rather large building.
Plus tôt aujourd’hui au coin Archibald et St-George à Moncton. Nous pouvions entendre les démolisseurs du bureau une bonne partie de la journée. Ce vieil immeuble fera place à ce très gros projet.





Sara said...

Many thanks to Annabel Kumar who started a movement when these trees were first threatened by Killam properties. Now, thanks to the many caring Moncton Treekeepers / Sentinelles des Arbres, and to a green city council and a wonderful city arborist, Dan Hicks, Killam Properties has promised to protect these healthy oaks AND their root systems during this construction project. I will miss Annabel's lovely porch, though. Many a singalong was held there on summer nights over the years. I'm happy for the Twin Oaks, but a little sad for the old house with all its magical nooks and crannies and its haunted attic. :)

Brian Branch said...

Thanks Sara for this post :)

Bast said...

Sara : Merci! Tu m'enlèves les mots de la bouche. It's sad to see those old houses being destroyed... :(
At least, Brian, you took, as usual, beautiful photographies.