Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My First Post

Wow, ok - We’ll see how this goes. Wondering if I will have the discipline to regularly post images in this space. I just like to take pictures and if you want to see them, well, this is the place. I was going to call this site something with "Daily" in it. I quickly changed my mind...
Have fun. Oh yea, what will these images be about? Mostly images I take here and there about my surroundings. A work in progress I guess.

I took this picture this morning on the way to work. The Moncton skyline surrounded by the morning fog. I probably had the zoom of my new camera at the maximum, a nice 12x optical!


Franfou said...

Cool mec ! Nice picture !

bien content de te lire moi aussi maintenant.....un jour on aura peut-un blog de graph en commun avec nos copains graph du cegep ou peu-etre chacun son blog. Je vais te lire , je t'ai placé dans mes liens rss ! bye !

chris ouellet said...

salut brian!
kel belle photo!! celle la est speciale!
moi aussi en allant travailler les matins, comment de belles scenes qui se présentent presque quotidiennement... malheureusement, ma p'tite caméra digitale ne permet pas du 12x! heheheh
tu as koi comme caméra?