Thursday, June 20, 2013

Petitcodiac River Tidal Bore / Mascaret de la rivière Petitcodiac





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David Jonah said...

Great shots. Very evovcative of an earlier year. Now we see a River in recovery. Like a cancer survivor regaining their strength and moving to full healthy recovery. Now, we will know when the recovery is complete when the seagulls start marching and flying in formation like a praetorian guard troop on guard post parade.Seagulls know when there is food to be had from the tossing and churling of the water. As a child the Bore from Hopewell Cape on always had an honour guard of diving gulls, fish hawks and other scavengers swooping down to catch the fish and small treats thrown into the air surface in the churn by the violence of the curling wave shown here. We are started, but not entirely there yet. That I may live long enough to see a seagull salute of attention fo this way a meal cometh. You are such a visual artist and these photos are so encouraging. Thanks.